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About Simplicity, Openness, Reliability and Flexibility in Private Cloud Computing

Ignacio M. Llorente

Chief Executive Officer at OpenNebula Systems

Jun 20, 2014

We feel it’s time to remind our vision of a world that won’t be dominated by a single cloud management platform. We’re moving into a world of open cloud — where each organization can find the right cloud for its unique needs. A single cloud management platform can not be all things to all people, there will be a cloud space with several offerings focused on different environments and/or industries. This is the natural evolution, same happened in other markets like relational databases or the web servers.

Our commitment to the open cloud flows directly out of our mission — to become the simplest cloud enabling platform — and our purpose — to bring simplicity to the private and hybrid enterprise cloud. OpenNebula exists to help companies build simple, cost-effective, reliable, open enterprise clouds on existing IT infrastructure, where:

Simplicity means …

… you do not need an army of administrators to build and maintain your cloud.

Openness means …

… you will run production-ready software that is fully open-source without proprietary extensions that lock you in.

Reliability means …

… your cloud will run for years with little maintain.

Flexibility means …

… you can easily build a cloud to fit into your data center and policies.




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