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Building Hybrid Clouds with OpenNebula and Deltacloud

Ignacio M. Llorente

Chief Executive Officer at OpenNebula

Jun 8, 2010

OpenNebula has just released a Deltacloud adaptor to build Hybrid Clouds. A Hybrid Cloud is an extension of a Private Cloud to combine local resources with resources from one or several remote Cloud providers. The remote provider could be a commercial Cloud service or a partner private infrastructure running a different OpenNebula instance. Hybrid Cloud computing functionality enables the building of cloudbursting and cloud federation scenarios.

OpenNebula provides support for building Hybrid Clouds with Amazon EC2 and ElasticHost, and now with this new adaptor OpenNebula leverages RedHat Deltacloud to access any major public cloud, such as GoGrid, Rackspace, Terremark or RimuHosting and Private clouds running OpenNebula or RHEV-M.


A single OpenNebula management instance can be used to combine local infrastructure with multiple remote clouds, so building a highly scalable hosting environments. OpenNebula provides support for building any type of Cloud architecture thanks to its support for most popular interfaces (VMware vCloud, Amazon EC2 and OGF OCCI) on more used hypervisor (Xen, KVM, and VMware) and now with on-demand acess to any major public cloud.

Ignacio M. Llorente


  1. Ashish

    @ Ignacio M. Llorente,
    nice tutorial to build cloud but I need a tutorial which can explain me how to build private cloud using OpenNebula Express on CentOS 5.5

    I cloudn’t find any stepwise installation guide or any good stuff, so any help from your side is welcome.

    Thanking you


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