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CE Patch Release v. is Available!

Users of the Community Edition of OpenNebula can now access a new Patch Release from our public repository. If you are a Corporate User with an active OpenNebula Subscription, please remember that CE Patch Releases do not apply to your Enterprise Edition.

The following new features has been backported to

  • Better same host detection for ssh/mv TM driver action.
  • PyONE call of system.config() returns correct object.
  • Contextualization packages are now included in the OpenNebula distribution.

The following issues has been solved in

  • Fix vCenter monitoring stability issues.
  • Fix monitoring of hybrid Amazon EC2 VMs.
  • Fix issue with hashed SSH known_hosts file and upcased hostname.
  • Fix Ruby library paths to support local overrides.
  • Fix systemd cleaning of SSH sockets that may lead to increased CPU usage.
  • Fix an error in monitoring that prevents state updates when there are wild VMs.
  • Fix microVM kernel boot process does not end properly when using docker image thingsboard/tb-postgres:3.0.1.
  • Fix wrong monitoring of non oneadmin VMs.
  • Fix an error when you try to instantiate a cloned template with recursive option.

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Alberto P. Martí

Open Source Community Manager at OpenNebula

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