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CE Patch Release v. is Available!

Alberto P. Martí

VP of Open Source Community Relations at OpenNebula

Oct 14, 2020

Users of the Community Edition of OpenNebula can now access a new Patch Release from our public repository. If you are a Corporate User with an active OpenNebula Subscription, please remember that CE Patch Releases do not apply to your Enterprise Edition.

The following new features were backported to

  • Support context files in vCenter
  • Add RDP button in attach NIC dialog in Sunstone

The following issues were solved in

  • Fix LXD image marketplace import to properly execute auto-contextualization process.
  • Fix for Sunstone not taking units into account for disk resize.
  • Several fixes for Sunstone user inputs functionality.
  • Fix for boolean user inputs.
  • Fix for password with quotes imparing Susntoen login.
  • Fix flow server token expiration error.
  • Fix schedule action instantiate.
  • Fix route new browser tab.
  • Avoid gathering KVM I/O statistics for saving VMs.
  • Fix segfault in LogDB::purge_log.
  • Fix cloud view widget with group vms.
  • Fix onehook show output.
  • Fix issue with S3 maketplace missing gem.
  • Increment running quotes through monitor.
  • Fix user IDs on group templates.
  • Fix update VM Template wizard for Azure.
  • Fix TOPOLOGY param.
  • Fix wrong LXD deploy exception handling.
  • Fix VM configuration form when update as user.
  • Fix RDP when instantiate VM Template.
  • Fix datastore not showing with certain language selections.
  • Fix importing LXD image without privileged permissions silently fails reporting success.
  • Fix CLI onevm updateconf Ruby error message.
  • Fix for memory resize bug.
  • Fix error instantiating a cloned template with recursive option.
  • Fix for vCenter monitoring fail for non oneadmin users. incorporates all these changes and fixes the incorrect version number displayed by Sunstone, OCA and onegate in

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