Container technologies have revolutionized the way enterprise and distributed applications are being developed and deployed. Containers allow admins to deploy, move and replicate workloads more quickly and easily than using Virtual Machines, although they come with some limitations too.

OpenNebula has managed to bridge the gap between those two technological worlds, combining two fascinating technologies: Docker and Firecracker. Thanks to its native integration with Docker Hub, OpenNebula has now become a powerful alternative to deploy and orchestrate application containers as secure and fast microVMs. 

 In addition, OpenNebula has released a new version of its publicly available Kubernetes virtual appliance. This option gives you a “press-of-a-button”, simple tool for creating and deploying a functional container orchestration platform based on Kubernetes whenever you need it: on premises, in the cloud or at the edge!


Secure and Fast MicroVMs for Container Orchestration


Certified Kubernetes Virtual Appliance

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