Request a PoC with OpenNebula Hosted

The OpenNebula Hosted PoC is aimed at allowing you to evaluate OpenNebula and its functionality to build a distributed multi-cloud and edge environment using resources from cloud providers. We will provide you with an OpenNebula front-end, hosted on a virtual machine running on a cloud provider. And it is from there, through the new FireEdge interface and using your own credentials, you will be able to automatically deploy, and correspondingly deactivate, bare-metal or virtual edge-clusters.

The OpenNebula Hosted PoC allows you to Try OpenNebula on KVM, LXC and Firecracker for the execution of virtual machines, application containers and Kubernetes clusters. The OpenNebula Hosted PoC does not offer support for VMWare resources. If you are interested in evaluating OpenNebula on VMware we recommend you use the vOneCloud OVA or Request a Demo.