Moving Away From CentOS: Leveraging AlmaLinux on OpenNebula

April 24, 2024 @ 5pm CEST

Kubernetes webinar in collaboration with SUSE

About this Webinar

With RedHat deciding to sunset CentOS, many users have to face the struggle of looking for a replacement. AlmaLinux has emerged as a strong contender, offering full compatibility with RHEL and proving itself as a dependable choice for server management.

In our upcoming webinar, we’re excited to welcome a special guest speaker, Benny Vazquez, Chair of the AlmaLinux OS Foundation, where she will discuss the necessity of another Linux Distribution, the markets AlmaLinux serves, the project’s commitment to its users, and how you can contribute to the open source community.

In the second part of this webinar, Bruno Rodriguez, our Senior Cloud Engineer, will demonstrate the ease of installing and utilizing AlmaLinux on OpenNebula. Join us to discover how AlmaLinux can effectively serve your needs and how seamlessly it integrates with OpenNebula for an efficient cloud infrastructure.


What to expect from this webinar?

  • Discover new features and learn tips and tricks from AlmaLinux.
  • Learn how to install and use AlmaLinux on OpenNebula.
  • How is AlmaLinux an alternative to CentOS.

This webinar will be conducted by Francisco Picolini (Open Source Community Manager), with presentations by Benny Vazquez (Chair of the AlmaLinux OS Foundation), and demonstrations by Bruno Rodriguez (Senior Cloud Engineer at OpenNebula Systems).

Press and media, please contact: events@opennebula.io