Running a fully hyper-converged cloud with OpenNebula + LINBIT SDS

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Jan. 26, 2021@ 11am ET

About this Webinar

LINBIT SDS ties together data availability, performance, and scale for enterprise cloud storage environments. Its open-source software LINSTOR and DRBD manage block storage devices for large Linux server clusters in unprecedented speed and reliability. Join us in this webinar to get a quick overview of the benefits of combining your OpenNebula cloud with LINBIT’s software-defined storage solution.

What to expect from this webinar?

Get an updated insight into OpenNebula‘s main features, its open architecture, and how OpenNebula interacts with underlying storage solutions.

    • Learn more about LINBIT’s SDS solution, its unique capabilities, and why global cloud leaders choose it. Explore its native integration with OpenNebula and the many benefits it provides to companies using both technologies together.
    • Hear directly from WEDOS Internet about their experience after migrating their business-critical cloud infrastructure to a solution based on OpenNebula and LINBIT SDS.

    This webinar will be presented by Michael Abdou (Partners Manager) and Tino Vázquez (Lead Cloud Engineer & Engineering Manager).

    Our guest speakers for this event will be Yusuf Yildiz (Solutions Architect at LINBIT) and Andrei Kvapil (Cloud Architect / DevOps Engineer at WEDOS Internet).


Date & Time

Jan. 26, 2021 @ 11am ET