OpenNebula 6.4 ‘Archeon’ is Here!

Powering Up Your Open Source Hyperconverged Cloud

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OpenNebula 6.4 ‘Archeon’ is the third stable release of the OpenNebula 6 series. The most exciting addition to ‘Archeon’ is the ability to automatically deploy and manage Edge Clusters based on Ceph—the powerful open source software-defined storage solution.

This new hyperconverged infrastructure architecture can be deployed on-premises and also on AWS, which gives your hybrid OpenNebula Cloud great flexibility. And, of course, you can dynamically add more bare-metal resources to your cloud whenever you need, as well as seamlessly repatriate your workloads from AWS at any time! 😉

Bringing Real Freedom to Your Enterprise Cloud

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Bring your Enterprise Cloud to the Edge

Expand service availability, and meet ultra-low-latency and data location requirements

mutara icon true hybrid and multi cloud 1

Simplify True Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Adoption

Avoid vendor lock-in, reduce costs, and add extra security and isolation

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Orchestrate Multi-Cluster Container Environments

Deploy and manage multiple Kubernetes clusters across cloud and edge locations

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Try OpenNebula 6.4 ‘Archeon’

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Deploy a front-end on VMware or KVM


Automatically deploy an OpenNebula edge cluster on AWS


Learn the basics of cloud operations


Execute and manage VMs and Kubernetes clusters

OpenNebula 6.4 – Main New Features


Edge Cloud Architecture

Run any workload, VMs and Kubernetes, on any resource, KVM or VMware, anywhere, on-premises, on the cloud, or at the edge.


HCI Clusters as a Service

Deploy HCI clusters based on Ceph as a service in just a few minutes using AWS and on-premises resources.


Network Management

Better integration with your datacenter networking infrastructure with life update of security groups and QinQ support.


New Sunstone GUI

 Fully-functional new FireEdge Sunstone for managing VM templates and instances.


Enhanced GPU Support

New SR-IOV support for NVIDIA GPU cards


WHMCS Module

Incorporate automated billing for your users based on their cloud resource usage.

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This work has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement ONEedge 880412 🇪🇺