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C12G Labs Delivers Stable Version of OpenNebula Addons

Ignacio M. Llorente

Chief Executive Officer at OpenNebula Systems

Nov 10, 2010

After the announcement of the delivery of its development version one month ago, C12G has just announced that the stable version of the software extensions distributed in the Enterprise Edition of OpenNebula have been contributed to the OpenNebula Project. These extensions were created to support customers and partners and to enhance the functionality and performance of OpenNebula in enterprise-class and very-large-scale systems. The contributed components are:

  • Enhanced VMware Adaptor that enables the management of an OpenNebula cloud based on VMware ESX, vCenter and/or VMware Server hypervisors
  • LDAP Authentication Module that permits permits users to have the same credentials as in LDAP, so effectively centralizing authentication
  • Accounting Toolset that visualizes and reports resource usage data, and allows their integration with chargeback and billing platforms
  • OpenNebula Express that eases the installation and deployment of OpenNebula clouds

The upcoming 2.0 version of OpenNebula Enterprise will include the most recent thoroughly tested and quality-controlled version of OpenNebula with the patches available, selected stable and tested software extensions from the add-on and the ecosystem catalogs, and extended documentation. OpenNebula Enterprise brings additional benefits of long term professional, integration and certification support services, and regular updates and upgrades.

The OpenNebula Project endorses these extensions and supports them through the user mailing list. Moreover, the project ensures its full compatibility with current and upcoming releases of OpenNebula. This news confirms OpenNebula as fully open source cloud software, not being a feature or performance limited edition of an Enterprise version. C12G Labs contributes to the sustainability of OpenNebula and is committed to enlarge its community. C12G Labs dedicates an amount of its own engineering resources to support and develop OpenNebula and so to maintain OpenNebula’s position as the leading and most flexible and innovative open-source technology for cloud computing.


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