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New Stable Terraform Provider for OpenNebula is Now Available

Jean-Philippe Foures

VP Products & DPO @ Iguane Solutions

Mar 16, 2022

🖊️ This blog post has been co-authored by Pierre Lafievre, Software Engineer at Iguane Solutions.

We at Iguane Solutions are really excited to announce that, as part of our joint efforts with the OpenNebula team, a new stable version of the Terraform Provider for OpenNebula is now available! 🚀

Terraform Provider for OpenNebula

The 0.4.2 release mainly improves the coverage of the VM and template resources, while enabling resource locking, and enhances Virtual Network address ranges update. Moreover, the provider moved to the v1 of the terraform SDK.

Efforts have been made on the tests and bug fixes to enhance the stability of this release.

As you see, this release is a big step forward in improving the existing code, making it easier for users to manage a running cluster.

Kudos to all the people that made this new release possible! 👏

Iguane Solutions team:

OpenNebula Systems team:

External contributors:


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