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OpenNebula 6.2.1 EE STS Maintenance Release is Available

OpenNebula 6.2.1 EE STS release cover image

Tino Vazquez

Chief Operating Officer at OpenNebula Systems

Feb 10, 2022

The Enterprise Edition of OpenNebula is a tested, hardened, and production-ready version that incorporates additional bug fixes and software patches with minor enhancements developed by OpenNebula Systems. While we have made all of our products open source under the Apache 2 license, the packages of the Enterprise Edition and the Enterprise Tools are distributed under commercial license terms to customers with an active OpenNebula Subscription.

⭐ Exclusively for the Enterprise Edition, a brand-new WHMCS module has been added that allows the creation and management of OpenNebula users and groups with quotas. Please check your private repository at the Customer Portal

🐧 With CentOS 8 Linux having reached its EOL date, OpenNebula 6.2.1 introduces the following adaptations:

  • CentOS 8 packages are no longer built. CentOS 7 will be supported in OpenNebula 6.2.x.
  • There is a new repository for AlmaLinux 8. Any other distribution compatible with Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 (e.g. Oracle Linux or Rocky Linux) should be able to use this repository.
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 and 8 are fully supported. Specific repositories has been created for these two distributions.

🚀 Other new features that have been backported to 6.2.1 are:

  • Add support to filter providers by provision type.

  • Add encrypted attributes to User template.

  • Add encryption to guacamole SSH private key and passphrase.

  • LXD Marketplace App VMTemplate has more customization.

  • Add new hosts to existing OpenNebula Edge Clusters.

  • Simple method to add/remove public IPs from OpenNebula Edge Clusters.

👾 6.2.1 also fixes several issues reported since 6.2 release. 

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