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Releases EE 6.0.1 and CE Available for Download!

Tino Vazquez

Chief Operating Officer at OpenNebula Systems

Apr 28, 2021

Customers with an active OpenNebula Subscription and access to our Enterprise Edition, as well as users of our Community Edition, can now download a new version of OpenNebula 6.0! 🤓 EE Maintenance Release 6.0.1 and CE Patch Release incorporate both of them several key improvements, including:

A number of backported new features:

  • Add remotes connections to VMs with external IP.
  • Add button to take screenshots from Guacamole Sunstone.
  • Improvement in Guacamole console access in Sunstone.
  • Add states to role vm actions buttons in Sunstone.

Several fixed issues:

  • Fix instantiate form for virtual network template in Sunstone.
  • Fix OvSwitch VNM clean operation for LXC < 4.0.
  • Fix formated volatile datablock creation for LVM datastore.
  • Fix widgets grid layout in Sunstone dashboard.
  • Fix Virtual Network Templates addresses show AR fields from Virtual Network creation.
  • Insert Suspend and Stop actions with Poweroff and Undeploy actions.
  • Fix attribute deletion when update secgroup.
  • Insert Suspend and Stop actions with Poweroff and Undeploy actions.
  • Show CLI errors always on STDERR.
  • Fix tabs sidebar with long text in Sunstone.
  • Do not duplicate Security Group rules.
  • Packages dependency on tar.
  • Fix Image upload not working in Sunstone.
  • Fix onedb upgrade for PostgreSQL.
  • Fix dropdown with IPs in Sunstone Guacamole dialog.
  • Add registration time to cloned service templates.
  • Fix oneimage show output.
  • Crop VM template if it exceed 128 chars when cloning a service template.
  • Fix Sunstone 2FA does not work with FireEdge enabled.
  • Option to calculate showback only for running VMs, see showback configuration.
  • Security groups support also NIC_ALIAS.
  • Fix for VMRC console requires HOST MANAGE permissions.
  • Fix for FireEdge token generation exposing using passwords to admins.

Additionally, Sunstone datatable autorefresh (i.e. the state of hosts and VMs as shown in the list) has been disabled due to the performance penalty it incurs. Individual host and VM views still benefit from autorefresh.

A complete list of solved issues for both EE 6.0.1 and CE can be found on GitHub. And remember: if you are a customer with an active OpenNebula Subscription, you have immediate access to the packages for the new EE Maintenance Release 6.0.1. Please check your private repository through the Customer Portal.

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