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vOneCloud 1.4 Released! Cloudify vSphere Infrastructures

Tino Vazquez

Chief Operating Officer at OpenNebula Systems

Apr 24, 2015

We want you to know that OpenNebula Systems have just announced the availability of vOneCloud version, 1.4.

Several exciting features have been introduced in vOneCloud 1.4. The appliance that helps you turn your vSphere infrastructure into a private cloud generates daily reports that can be consulted by every user to check their resource consumption, with associated costs defined by the Cloud Administrator. The Virtual Datacenter provisioning model has been revisited to enable resource sharing easily among different groups, as well as to simplify configuration. The interfaces has also been improved to smooth the workflow of importing vCenter resources via the vOneCloud web interface, Sunstone. But probably most importantly, vOneCloud 1.4 add multi-vm management capabilities, enabling the management of sets of interconnected VMs (services), including the ability to set up elasticity rules to automatically increase or decrease the number of nodes composing a service, according to easily programmed rules that take into account the service demands.

Improvements were also in place for Control Panel, a web interface that eases the configuration of vOneCloud services and enables one click smooth upgrades to newer versions, introducing features to aid in the troubleshooting of the appliance.

The above features and components add to the already present ability to expose a multi-tenant cloud-like provisioning layer through the use of virtual datacenters, self-service portal, or hybrid cloud computing to connect in-house vCenter infrastructures with public clouds. vOneCloud seamlessly integrates with running vCenter virtualized infrastructures, leveraging advanced features such as vMotion, HA or DRS scheduling provided by the VMware vSphere product family.

vOneCloud is zero intrusive, try it out with without the need to commit to it. If you happen to don’t like it  just remove the appliance!

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