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Adding French language to OpenNebula Sunstone and Self-Service

Héctor Sanjuán

Apr 12, 2012

We recently received new langauge contributions for OpenNebula Self-Service, our end-user web interfaces: fr_FR and fr_CA. As happy as we are to receive these contributions, it was too late to include them in the official OpenNebula 3.4 release.

But that’s not a problem. In this post we will briefly explain how to install a new language in OpenNebula Sunstone and Self-Service.

  • Step 1: Download the new language files

Go to the relevant commit (example from our Redmine or Github) and pickup the new language files (fr_FR.js, fr_CA.js, fr_datatables.txt, configuration.js).

  • Step 2: Create language new folders and place the language files:

If you are adding languages to Self-Service:

mkdir /usr/lib/one/ruby/cloud/occi/ui/public/locale/fr_FR
mkdir /usr/lib/one/ruby/cloud/occi/ui/public/locale/fr_CA

If you are adding languages to Sunstone:

mkdir /usr/lib/one/sunstone/public/locale/locale/<new_language>

  • Step 3: Copy the translation files to these folders

fr_FR.js contains the sunstone translations. fr_datatable.txt contains the tables columns heading translations. Place the fr_FR.js and fr_datatable.txt in the fr_FR folder you just created.

Repeat the step with any other languages.

  • Step 4: Replace the configuration tab file.

If adding a language for Self-Service, replace /usr/lib/one/ruby/cloud/occi/ui/public/js/plugins/configuration.js with the configuration.js file provided in the commit.

If adding a language for Sunstone, replace /usr/lib/one/sunstone/public/js/plugins/config-tab.js with the config-tab.js file provided in the commit.

  •  Step 5: Voilà!

Clearing browser caché may be necessary if the new languages do not appear in the language option select in the configuration tab of the Self-Service or Sunstone interfaces.



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