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OpenNebula Public Cloud updated to 3.4

Daniel Molina

Apr 16, 2012

The OpenNebula Cloud offers a virtual computing environment accessible through two different remote cloud interfaces, OCCI and EC2, and  two different web interfaces,  Sunstone for cloud administrators and the new SelfService for cloud consumers. These mechanisms access the same infrastructure, i.e. resources created by any of the mentioned methods will be instantly available on the others. For instance, you can create a VM with the OCCI interface, monitor it with the EC2 interface, and shut it down using the OpenNebula Sunstone web interface.

This Cloud has been migrated to the last OpenNebula version, 3.4. If you have an account you can still use your old username and password. If not, request a new account and check out the new OpenNebula 3.4 features. These interfaces will show you the regular user view of the Cloud, but you will not be able to manage system resources such as ACLs, groups nor users; nor infrastructure resources such as hosts, clusters and datastores, since that will be delegated to the oneadmin group.

public cloud3.2

Operations upon this cloud will result on virtual networks and machines resource creations, but no real action whatsoever will be performed. This means that there will be the illusion that a VM is created, but in fact it won’t be running anywhere.


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