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Announcing the OpenNebula Champion Program

Jaime Melis

Jan 13, 2017

We would like to officially announce the OpenNebula Champion program. If you attended our last Conference, you’re probably aware that for the past couple of months, we’ve been designing a program for our community members who are interested in becoming Champions for OpenNebula around the world.

Champions are passionate volunteers who work to connect, teach and spread OpenNebula. They represent OpenNebula and help to teach and spread OpenNebula, throughout the world. In the Champion Program page on GitHub you have complete information about what the program entails to, how the project is planning to support its Champions, and how to become an OpenNebula Champion.

This is the list of the first ever Champions of the OpenNebula project:


During the last years we have traveled all over the world delivering talks and hands-on workshops and organizing TechDays and Tutorials, where we have met a lot of amazing, enthusiastic, resourceful and engaged people. In order to continue with our journey, in a few days we will announce the schedule of OpenNebula Conferences, TechDays and Training for 2017. These events provide a great opportunity to raise awareness for the project and get more of you involved as contributors and users. As we scale the project to the next level, we need your help in spreading the message.

We look forward to your participation, and we would like to heartily thank our Champions and TechDay hosts!


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