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New Contextualization Packages

Vlastimil Holer

Lead Cloud Engineer at OpenNebula

Jan 11, 2017

We are happy to announce new versions of the OpenNebula contextualization packages for Linux (ver. 5.0.3) and Windows (ver. 5.2.0). For Linux, this is mainly a bugfix release with 2 significant improvements. For Windows, this is a very first release, newly distributed as the MSI package.

Linux contextualization contains following changes:

  • User $USERNAME is created, if missing. The user password can be also Base64 encoded in context. variables $CRYPTED_PASSWORD_BASE64 or $PASSWORD_BASE64. Race condition has been also fixed to create the $USERNAME first and contextualize the SSH access later.
  • Refactored code is used to set host and domain names (via $SET_HOSTNAME or $DNS_HOSTNAME context. variables) in a more standard way. Platform dependent scripts were replaced by single unified script. Also, the hostname entry in a local static lookup table (/etc/hosts) is created and even updated on the IP configuration change (PR). Big thanks to Florian Heigl for designing the change request and time spent in testing.
  • Jan Kasprzak provided a patch (PR) for the Red Hat-like systems to disable IPv6 autoconfiguration and by default enable the dual-stack on configured interfaces. This behavior was also fixed for Debian-like systems (PR).
  • C. R. Oldham provided a patch to support growroot with Btrfs (PR).
  • A race condition in run locking was fixed (PR)

Windows contextualization scripts are distributed newly as the MSI package. The source codes archive is still available in case you experience any problems with the package or want to use your own way how to manage the scripts. The package can be installed by double-clicking on the downloaded package icon or from the command line:

msiexec /i one-context-5.2.0.msi

Windows contextualization is started as the Windows service named onecontext (under rhsrvany wrapper). Please remove any existing contextualization (and its startup mechanism) from your virtual machine before installing this package.

You can download the Linux and Windows packages here. Packages are compatible with the OpenNebula versions from 4.6 to 5.2.


  1. Marcus Richter

    All our Linux VM’s receive their IP addresses but the Windows VM’s never get an IP address. I have installed the new MSI as per your install guide but it just refuses to work in any of our Windows VM’s.


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