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Join Our Edge Computing User Group

Michael Abdou

Customer Success Manager at OpenNebula Systems

Feb 28, 2020

Hello Community!

So much of what’s been built into OpenNebula has depended squarely on you – your contributions, your great insight, and your willingness to collaborate. And recently we have been taking a focused aim at expanding the capabilities of OpenNebula to the Edge Computing space. You’ll have seen the strides we are taking with our ONEedge project, where we are proving that latency reduction is not only highly advantageous, but outrageously simple. The idea of automatically extending your cloud directly to where your users are located, in order to dramatically reduce latency, is no longer just an “idea”. It’s real, and it’s running in OpenNebula. 

We are reaching out to the Community now with the hope of gathering some of your support behind our momentum. We are setting up an Edge Computing User Group, with the hopes of sharing ideas, getting feedback, and collaborating closely on building robust Edge Computing capabilities into OpenNebula. For those of you who have real, viable use cases that could benefit from reduced latency and flexible resource distribution, let’s work together to prove these use cases out! And for those of you who would simply like to share your thoughts on key features on which we should be focusing, make your voice heard. As part of this user group, you will have the flexibility to remain private and speak directly to us at OpenNebula Systems, or to share your thoughts and input openly with the group. 

There is a lot happening out at the Edge. Soon we will be in Los Angeles, CA, sponsoring a booth at the Open Network and Edge Summit – on April 20-21, 2020.  

Come join the excitement!


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