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Microsoft to Bridge Azure with OpenNebula

Ignacio M. Llorente

Chief Executive Officer at OpenNebula Systems

Oct 28, 2010

At OGF30, after OpenNebula’s keynote, Dr. Daniel A. Reed, Corporate Vice President Extreme Computing Group & Technology Strategy and Policy at Microsoft, gave an excellent keynote speech about cloud and the future of research. Dr. Reed also presented the new EU-funded VENUS-C project, coordinated by Engineering and aimed at developing, testing and deploying an industry-quality Cloud Computing service for Europe. Microsoft announced that it will work with VENUS-C partners to implement a bridge between Windows Azure and OpenNebula.

We are very happy to announce this collaboration that will extend the current level of interoperability and portability provided by OpenNebula.

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  1. Andrea Manieri

    Dear friends,

    many thanks for enphasizing the challenges of VENUS-C.
    The project, that I’m coordinating, is aiming at providing a set of PaaS services to Scientific Application developers that allow to hide the inner complexities (and differences) among public, commercial PaaS (e.g. MS Azure) and open source solutions (e.g. ONE.

    What is unclear in your post (and possible in the marketing synthesis in the Dan Reed’s slides) is the concept of bridging. If you intend that MS Azure may access OpenNebula resource or viceversa – that’s misleading. On the contrary, the Scientific developers will be allowed to used one (or both) cloud providers in a seamless way.

    More details in the coming weeks.


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