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New Release of the Terraform Provider for OpenNebula

Jean-Philippe Foures

VP Products & DPO @ Iguane Solutions

Dec 21, 2020

It’s been a year since the Terraform Provider for OpenNebula—a Community initiative led by Iguane Solutions and OpenNebula Systems—was officially approved by HashiCorp. A provider is responsible for understanding API interactions with the underlying infrastructure, in this case OpenNebula. The Provider Development Program allows vendors to build Terraform providers that are officially approved and tested by HashiCorp.

In mid-2020 we released a second version of the Terraform Provider, which included a number of interesting new features, including support for VM Groups and ACL, and enhancements like VM templates, tags, and timeout on some of those resources that can take a while to get ready (i.e. images and VMs). We discussed some of these back in July during an OpenNebula Webinar in which we participated along with Taylor Dolezal (Senior Developer Advocate at HashiCorp):

Now, after several months of intense work, we are excited to announce the third version of the Terraform Provider for OpenNebula! 🚀 These are some of the improvements that this new version brings along:

New Resources:

  • User management: creation, update and deletion.
  • Service management (OneFlow).

Important improvements: 

  • Attach / Detach NIC on a Virtual Machine
  • Attach / Detach Disk on a Virtual Machine
  • Resize a disk on a Virtual Machine
  • Add importer for Groups, Users and VDC

As you see, this release is a huge step forward in making it easier for users to manage a running cluster. Until now, Terraform was really helpful for the deployment and deletion of a platform. However, updating running resources was still quite painful. Thanks to this new release, you can update running VMs without using Sunstone or CLI!

Kudos to all the people that made this new release possible!👏

Iguane Solutions team:

OpenNebula Systems team:

External contributors:

As usual, comments, questions and contributions are more than welcome! 🤓

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