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December 2020 – OpenNebula Newsletter

Alberto P. Martí

VP of Open Source Innovation at OpenNebula Systems

Dec 24, 2020

December 2020 OpenNebula Newsletter contains the highlights of the OpenNebula project and its Community throughout the month.


Our colleagues from the Engineering Team have kept themselves quite busy this month working on a number of interesting projects, including a last-minute Christmas present: EE Maintenance Release 5.12.7! 🎁 As usual, Corporate Users with an active OpenNebula Subscription can access the latest version of our Enterprise Edition from their private repositories.

In early December, after working on this new concept for several weeks, we finally announced our True Hybrid Cloud Architecture, our new reference architecture composed of hybrid clusters that can run any workload (both virtualized and containerized), on any resource (physical or virtual) and anywhere (on-premises and on the cloud). This architecture is the basis of our new Managed Services for Corporate Users 😉

This month we’ve also updated our GitLab Virtual Appliance for KVM, now supporting CE Security Release 13.6.2 and, as usual, available from our Public Marketplace. But there’s more! We’ve also had time to start testing our integration with AWS Wavelength, the new service that Amazon Web Services has recently launch in collaboration with Verizon, Vodafone and other 5G telecommunication providers. In the near future, OpenNebula users will be able to easily provision Wavelength resources and deploy Kubernetes clusters and containerized applications on the 5G edge. Quite cool, right? 🤓


In November we announced our new “Case Studies” initiative, through which we’ll be publishing a collection of testimonials by users and customers, sharing their specific requirements and ensuing experiences using OpenNebula. This month we’ve published two of those inspiring stories, one of them by Tony Sarajärvi (CI Tech Lead at The Qt Company) and another one by Kenneth Van Alstyne (Systems Architect at Perspecta). Kudos to both of them for sharing their wisdom with the rest of the OpenNebula Community! 👏

terraform 1

And just a couple of days ago, we got some more great news: a new release of the Terraform Provider for OpenNebula! 🎉 Here you have the full announcement by Jean-Philippe Fourès (Cloud Product Manager at Iguane Solutions), one of the leaders of this Community initiative. This release is a huge step forward in making it easier for users to manage a running cluster, so many thanks to all the members of the OpenNebula Community involved in this development!


In December, our monthly OpenNebula Webinar was devoted to Agones, the open source multiplayer dedicated game server scaling and orchestration platform 🎮 It included an amazing live demo on how to use OpenNebula to easily build a global distributed cloud using bare-metal resources to deploy K3s clusters at the edge for low-latency multiplayer gaming. Many thanks to our guest speaker, Mark Mandel (Developer Advocate at Google Cloud for Games)!

And speaking of events… please be advised that our OpenNebula Conference, that was going to take place in Brussels (Belgium) in April 2021, has been re-scheduled again—hopefully the last one!—this time for September 2021, due to the on-going COVID-19 crisis…

PS: Have a nice Xmas break! 🎄 And keep taking care of yourselves and of those around you. All our support to those who are fighting the pandemic on the front lines! 💪


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