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What’s up at OpenNebula: OneSwap, 6.8.3, and more

Francisco Picolini

Open Source Community Manager at OpenNebula Systems

May 8, 2024

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As part of the current roadmap, on April 22, we launched a maintenance release of the Enterprise Edition of our platform OpenNebula 6.8.3. This release solves some issues to improve stability and prepare users for the next version.

It introduces support for Debian 12 and removes support for Debian 10 and some issues were backported to enhance the workflow.

Our team also launched OneSwap, a new user-friendly command-line tool designed to simplify and automate the process of migrating your virtual machines from vCenter Server to OpenNebula Cloud

It connects your vCenter Server and allows you to list the Data Centers, Clusters, and Virtual Machines available. OneSwap streamlines the process further by creating all the necessary resources within OpenNebula, including images, network addresses, and the VM template itself.

Learn more in the blog post and catch a live demo during the webinar (details below).

Brace yourselves! FireEdge Sunstone is approaching at warp speed. OpenNebula 6.10 will be the first release with a fully featured FireEdge Sunstone, and a still present but deprecated Ruby Sunstone. OpenNebula 7.0 will feature only FireEdge Sunstone which then will just be called Sunstone. Sleight of hand and ... no more technical debt. Other exciting things are happening in 6.10: in-place restore from backups, reviewed storage drivers, JSON-based's the limit!

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Mark your calendars: The 11th OpenNebula Conference takes place from June 25- 27 πŸ“Ί

This free, three-day event focuses on the latest trends in cloud, virtualization, and edge computing, all within the context of open source. Industry experts from around the world will be sharing their knowledge and experience.

You won’t want to miss it:

Share your expertise by submitting your proposal for the OpenNebula Conference by May 20. We’re eager to hear new ideas and learn about your project with OpenNebula! Don’t hesitate and submit your proposal.

OneSwap Webinar Thumbnail

Discover our new project, OneSwap, designed to seamlessly migrate your VM workloads to OpenNebula.
Join us on May 22 to watch a live demo session and discover this tool.

If you missed our latest webinar about AlmaLinux, you can catch it on demand now. With special guest speaker Benny Vazquez, Chair of the AlmaLinux OS Foundation, we covered origins, contribution options, and its strengths as a reliable alternative to CentOS and RHEL-based server solutions.

We joined forces with Iguane Solutions, where they showed how they migrated some of their customers from VMware to OpenNebula. The April 25 morning meetup gave us the chance to network and chat with the community, while enjoying Paris in the spring.

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Here’s where you’ll find us at events this month:

Check out an overview of all our upcoming events.

White paper of the month

This new white paper summarizes best migration practices and guides for organizations to successfully transition from a VMware environment to an OpenNebula cloud ecosystem, unlocking benefits such as increased simplicity, flexibility, and technology agnosticism, avoiding vendor lock-in as well as achieving cost savings and scalability in their cloud infrastructure.

Migrating from VMware to OpenNebula White Paper

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