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OpenNebula “Managed Service Provider” Partnership

Michael Abdou

Customer Success Manager at OpenNebula Systems

Sep 10, 2020

It is “crystal clear” that technology is playing a central role in many companies’ maturing business models, however, not all companies are willing or equipped to manage and administer their technology solutions. This has provided the launch pad from which the Managed Services Provider market has taken off. 

And as organizations are evolving with more and more “specialized needs”, the public cloud offerings are not designed to meet all of these specialized needs. Managed Private Clouds have, hence, become an excellent option for many. Providing a Managed Private Cloud service gives organizations the flexibility to customize their solutions according to their “specialized needs”, allowing them greater levels of control and security provided by dedicated single-tenant environments, while delivering the agility and scalability of the public cloud.

And here enters OpenNebula… 

OpenNebula has long been a reference point in the open source cloud technology space for providing a solution that packages robust capability, with broad flexibility and an overall simplicity. Its foundation within the private cloud also allows for greater control and security. Not only does it provide an easy way for organizations to build, deploy, and manage their own enterprise clouds, but it also provides a platform, along with the commercial backbone, for managed service providers to build Managed Private Cloud solutions to offer to the broader public. 

Our OpenNebula Solutions Provider Partner Program is an instrument that we are promoting to highlight just how easy it is for Managed Service Providers to use OpenNebula and commit to providing robust, enterprise Managed Private Clouds for their customers. The expectation is that MSP’s which use OpenNebula and participate in this Solutions Provider MSP Partner Program, would communicate and present their offerings as being officially supported by OpenNebula Systems. In turn, the end customer has the confidence of having a thoroughly supported platform, at multiple levels. And at the same time, partners are presented with a collection of benefits including:

  • Running each managed private cloud with the OpenNebula Enterprise Edition, which offers persistent stability, more flexible upgrade opportunities with Long-Term Support (LTS) versions and stable release cycles.
  • Ensuring these managed private clouds are backed by official OpenNebula support.
  • Having the flexibility to offer special subscription terms that more easily adapt to the Managed Private Cloud (like monthly terms).
  • Receiving specific public promotion and recommendation of these MSP solutions by OpenNebula Systems, along with access to the OpenNebula logos to demonstrate “official certification” of an OpenNebula supported product.

You can read more about our OpenNebula Solutions Provider Partner Program in our corresponding Partner Guide. If you have any questions you can contact our Partners Manager directly to start a dialogue.

Hear what some of our Solutions Provider Partners have to say:

With our long-standing and outstanding partner OpenNebula, we have been able to celebrate many joint successes. OpenNebula is the central foundation for the enablement of many customers in the private/hybrid cloud environment – open, flexible and without complexity.

– Sebastian Mangelkramer, Datacenter Technology Manager, NTS

With this partnership we underline our commitment to OpenNebula. We are long time users and contributors of OpenNebula and the community. We urge other Solution Providers to join, so together we can assure a bright future for a no-nonsense open virtual infrastructure solution.

– Stefan Kooman, System Administrator,

StorPool is excited to officially become OpenNebula Managed Service Provider. Now we provide a powerful, fully-managed cloud offering, which is deeply integrated and allows users to have best-of-breed public or private clouds. We have been working closely with OpenNebula for more than 5 years, and during this time, our joint customers’ needs constantly evolve. And OpenNebula manages to successfully grow and innovate with the pace of the market.

– Boyan Ivanov, CEO, StorPool


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