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First day of OpenNebula Conf

Eva Häusler

Dec 4, 2014

…or the day before the Conf – depending on how you count.

We started the day early to get from the NETWAYS headquarter in Nuremberg to the conference hotel Berlin. Our friends from OpenNebula were already there and we could make all preparations for the workshops very smoothly. There was even enough time to take a snack.
Exactly at 2:00 pm (just like expected when dealing with pettifogging Germans) the workshops started. The next thing we looked forward to is dinner. 🙂

The day after the actual conference will and will be officially opened with Ignacio M. Llorente kick off “State and Future of OpenNebula”. We also looked forward to David Lutterkort talking about what an enchanting match Puppet and OpenNebula are.

Another great keynote will be delivered by Carlo Daffara, showing us why disaster recovery is really important and how can you take care of it using OpenNebula.

The early afternoon will then be filled with lightning talks curated Daniel Molina until it was time for lunch. These talks included presentations about Docker and OpenNebula, a very interesting topic approached differently by OpenNebula users.

Late afternoon (or pre-evening event time slot, as we call it) will start with another highlight: Armin Deliomini will tell us how Runtastic switched from commercial products to Open Source only. Now, about one year later, he will give us an insight into the Status Quo where the private infrastructure for more than 40 000 000 registered users for Runtastic is implemented.

Also the talks of Jose Angel Diaz (CENATIC), Jordi Guijarro (CSUC) Tino Vazquez (OpenNebula) and many more will sweeten the time until the evening event finally starts. This year we will be at the restaurant “Alte Meierei”.

And then we just have to wake up once again, until the next Conf day, with even more highlights starts. 🙂


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