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OpenNebula 3 Virtual Data Centers Screencast

Jaime Melis

Jan 23, 2012

A new episode of the screencast series is now available at the OpenNebula YouTube Channel.

This screencast, second part of the oZones screencast, shows how to manage and use Virtual Data Centers, both with the oZones CLI and with the oZones web-based interface, to isolate virtual infrastructure environments within an OpenNebula zone. It shows how to create a VDC by assigning a group of users to a group of physical resources and by granting one of the users, the VDC administrator, with privileges to manage all virtual resources in the VDC. The users in the VDC, including the VDC administrator, only see the virtual resources and not the underlying physical infrastructure, and can create and manage virtual compute, storage and networking capacity.

Enjoy the screencast!


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