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OpenNebula at CentOS Brussels Dojo and FOSDEM 2014

Jaime Melis

Jan 20, 2014

We are happy to announce that OpenNebula will be at the upcoming CentOS Dojo Brussels, which will take place on Friday 31st January and again at the FOSDEM 2014 the following day.

OpenNebula will be part of a very special event during the CentOS Dojo, a hackathon called CentOS in the Cloud, where we will focus in creating, testing and releasing CentOS Cloud images among many other things as part of a more general effort of making an even better OpenNebula experience in CentOS.

If you are interested in deploying production-ready private or public clouds in minutes with fully functional working images, you should definitely drop by this event. It’s going to be fun and exciting!

On saturday morning, you will also be able to meet us at the CentOS table. We will have a computer with us and we will be happy to run some demos, and show off all the things we’ve accomplished so far.

OpenNebula and CentOS already make an amazing couple, and it’s only going to get even better!



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