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OpenNebula at Mobile World Congress 2024

Francisco Picolini

Open Source Community Manager at OpenNebula Systems

Feb 16, 2024

The Mobile World Congress, the largest event related to technology and mobility, will be held in Barcelona on 26–29 February 2024. As the world’s premier event for the telecom sector, MWC Barcelona is the perfect stage for us to showcase our innovative work, especially in the Telco Edge domain.


Find us at our stand at Booth 4C30, where we’ll be ready to engage with you! Our team is thrilled to demonstrate the ground-breaking features that OpenNebula brings to build and manage highly-distributed edge cloud environments for the Telecom industry. We will present the four main use cases and proposed architectures to modernize Telco’s existing networks, help simplify network operations, deploy 5G networks quickly, and adopt open frameworks, such as Open RAN while navigating the disaggregation of their resources.


A. Highly Distributed NFV Deployment

A single cloud front-end to manage tens to hundreds of geo-distributed clusters (PoPs with edge nodes) with minimal hardware infrastructure, local storage, and DPDK or SR-IOV technologies for high-performance throughput to run Virtual Network Functions (VNFs). Solutions offered by OpenNebula –

Automatic on-demand deployment of PoPs on bare-metal servers running KVM hypervisor
✅ Use local storage, and DPDK or SR-IOV for high performance
✅ Central multi-tenant, AI-driven NOC management
Minimal hardware infrastructure at NOC and PoPs
✅ Avoid lock-in, increase flexibility, and minimize costs


B. Neutral 5G Operators Hosting of RAN and MEC Services

An integrated solution designed with industry partners that features the ability to host several operators in the same hardware infrastructure, with an open flavor, obvious cost benefits, and with minimal or no vendor locking.

✅ Cell site hardened edge computing infrastructure
O-RAN compliant for multi-operator and multi-tenancy
Fully integrated solution
✅ Plus Telco services that can be hosted on Mobile core + IMS & 3rd-party services


C. Fully Disaggregated Central Office for Telco Edge 5G

Installation of microDCs in Edge Nodes at 5G locations to host O-RAN and offer edge cloud services following a Multi-access Edge Computing (MEC) architecture. 

TIP & OCP certified computing infrastructure
O-RAN compliant for multi-operator and multi-tenancy
OCP compliant HTTx OLT
✅ Plus Telco + third-party services that can be hosted on CDN, VNFs, Mobile core + IMS & 3rd-party services


D. Migration from VMware to Open Virtualization

OpenNebula helps migrate Telco Edge from VMware to a flexible open source virtualization platform based on KVM with no vendor lock-in and simplicity of use, as well as multiple innovations for automatic provisioning tools and multi-provider hybrid & edge clouds computing.

✅ Enterprise open source and vendor neutral solution
Lower TCO and maintenance
✅ Fully featured single management platform for Multi-tenant with self-service portal
✅ DevOps ready, multi-site and hybrid
✅ Support from core developers and product influence

Agenda Highlights

RRSS TALK MWC 24 Alberto 3
RRSS TALK MWC 24 Alfonso 3

Our agenda for the MWC 2024 looks like this – 

  1. Roundtable Panel Discussion: On 27th February at 11:00 – 11:45 am, Alberto P. Marti, our VP of Open Source Innovation, will be participating in the panel discussion at the Spanish Pavilion on how to adapt to the tools of the future, and will discuss how to integrate technological innovations such as Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things (IoT), Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, Big Data or Cloud Computing into companies and organizations, with Cybersecurity as an essential requirement.
  2. Accelerating 5G Telco Edge: Later in the afternoon @1500hrs, Alfonso Carrillo Aspiazu will present how you can use OpenNebula for your 5G Telco Edge Deployments. Showcasing four Telco Edge use cases for fix and mobile networks, with disaggregated open components, as well as a path to migrate from locked solutions to an open source alternative.

Closing Thoughts

The MWC 2024 presents a unique opportunity for us at OpenNebula Systems to not only display our contributions to the Telco Edge domain but also to engage with industry peers, enthusiasts, and professionals who are equally passionate about the future of technology. We look forward to meeting you in Barcelona and sharing our vision for a more connected, open, and sustainable technological future.

Stay tuned for more updates, and make sure to visit us at #MWC2024 for a firsthand look at how we are using OpenNebula to drive innovation in the telecommunications industry. See you in Barcelona! 🇪🇸

The participation of OpenNebula Systems in this event has been supported by the Spanish Ministry for Digital Transformation and Civil Service through the UNICO I+D 6G Program, Project Intelligence and Automation for the Operation of Distributed Edge Systems on 5G Advanced Infrastructures (TSI-064200-2023-1), co-funded by the European Union – NextGenerationEU through the Recovery and Resilience Facility (RRF).

Acknowledgments logos UNICO ID 6G Program


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