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OpenNebula at the Edge with our new AWS Greengrass Appliance

Petr Ospalý

Cloud Engineer at OpenNebula

Jul 16, 2019

Recently we showcased the use of our newly-developed appliance and what can you achieve with it: Automatic Deployment of AWS IoT Greengrass at the Edge. The appliance was still in “pre-release” state but now we can finally announce our new AWS Greengrass service appliance in the OpenNebula Marketplace.

If you missed the aforementioned blogpost and you are interested in the Edge computing paradigm (especially with AWS IoT Greengrass) then we recommend you to look at it now. It demonstrates a real use-case of our appliance on a practical example and gives you an idea what the AWS Greengrass can do for you and just how the ONE service appliance can make it so much easier.

Take a look at the video screencast of the entire automated deployment.

To make the most out of our appliance, you can first familiarize yourself with AWS Greengrass by taking a look at the official “What is AWS IoT Greengrass?” tutorial. However, the real critical reading is located in the OpenNebula AWS IoT Greengrass documentation. It will become crystal clear just how simple this ONE service appliance will make your life.

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