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OpenNebula @ FLOSS UK

Bernd Erk

Mar 14, 2013

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Though OpenNebula may seem the obvious choice, believe it or not there are still some that patch together complicated solutions to solve their day-to-day data center virtualization challenges. To bring some light to the darkness, I’ll join FLOSS UK Spring Conference next Wednesday and Thursday (20 – 21 March) to give a talk on OpenNebula.

FLOSS UK (previously UKUUG) is the UK’s oldest open systems user group. I’ve enjoyed the Leeds and Edinburgh conferences over the past two years, and found them a guarantee for interesting talks. This year should be no different, and the conference will take place in Newcastle upon Tyne.

My talk will focus on OpenNebula’s current features as well as some upcoming ones for version 4.0. To avoid the possibility of a potential slide war, my talk will focus on a live demo of our OpenNebula setup in Nuremberg. Live migration of web servers on the fly is the best demonstration of reliable data center virtualization, and will be a good testimony to OpenNebula’s stability. If it doesn’t work, I may still have a warm welcome back in the office – that being said, failing is not an option!

If you still have no plans for next week, come over to Newcastle and join me at the FLOSS UK Spring Conference 2013. I look forward to seeing you there!


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