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OpenNebula in the EU-Japan Joint Symposium on Cloud and Future Internet

Ignacio M. Llorente

Chief Executive Officer at OpenNebula Systems

Dec 19, 2011

OpenNebula has been invited by the European Commission to speak at The 4th EU-Japan Symposium on New Generation Networks and Future Internet in Tokyo the 19th of January, 2011. Our Project Director will speak about the key technology challenges in IaaS cloud computing to enable the Future Internet of Services, through scalable and elastic service platforms, cloud aggregation architectures to enable the collaboration and interoperation of cloud providers, and improvement of security, reliability and energy sustainability.

OpenNebula is addressing many of these challenges through innovative features that address the requirements of business use cases from leading companies across multiple industries in the context of flagship international projects in cloud computing, such as RESERVOIR, StratusLab, BonFIRE, or 4CaaSt. Additionally, OpenNebula is being used as reference open stack for cloud computing in several large research and infrastructure projects.

Send us an email to if you want to meet us at the EU-Japan Symposium!



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