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OpenNebulaConf 2020→2021

Michael Abdou

Customer Success Manager at OpenNebula Systems

May 27, 2020

The year 2020, among many other things, has forced us all to pause briefly and break from our normal routine. And in doing so, our OpenNebula event schedule for the year has converted entirely to the “virtual domain“. Yet, we have our sights set on 2021 to take steps toward getting the community back together “in situ” to share the mounting enthusiasm that we all have for what’s developing in OpenNebula and the broader cloud and edge computing space.

As a consequence, we have rescheduled our 9th edition of the OpenNebulaConf to take place on April 22-23, 2021, in Brussels, Belgium.

This is our annual event bringing together a community of developers, sysadmins, cloud administrators and IT managers, as well as the curious newcomers seeking for “the right” Enterprise Cloud solution. Explore the latest innovations in open source cloud and edge technology, create conversations around success stories and user experiences, and get your hands dirty with hands-on training and interactive workshops.

Sign up and meet us in Brussels! Right now you can take advantage of our Very Early Bird pricing – 40% off! 😉

And why not take the opportunity to connect directly with our active User Community – and help us sponsor the event?!! Check out the details

We hope to see you in Brussels next spring!


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