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Building a VMware-based OpenNebula Cloud under 20 Minutes

C12G Labs

May 31, 2012

The OpenNebula Sandbox for VMware is the first of a series of Cloud Sandboxes that are being released by C12G Labs to quickly deploy an OpenNebula cloud for testing, development or integration. These will be useful when setting up pilot clouds to quickly test a new feature without having to install and configure an OpenNebula front-end. It is therefore intended for testers, early adopters, developers and also integrators.

This first OpenNebula Sandbox allows the deployment of a complete VMware-based cloud infrastructure under 20 minutes.


  1. sorina

    Hi Dear ALL
    Is there any demo for viewing this solution?

    I want to deploy vmware sanbox

  2. bish

    One or more links in this post are now dead. Please consider revising them?



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