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Cloud Interoperability and Portability with OpenNebula

Ignacio M. Llorente

Chief Executive Officer at OpenNebula Systems

Aug 27, 2010

OpenNebula 2.0 emphasizes interoperability and portability, providing cloud users and administrators with choice across most popular cloud interfaces, hypervisors and public clouds for hybrid cloud computing deployments, and with a flexible software that can be installed in any hardware and software combination. The functionality provided by the new version of OpenNebula and the components in its quickly growing ecosystem enables:

Because two data centers are not the same, building a cloud computing infrastructure requires the integration and orchestration of the underlying existing IT systems, services and processes. OpenNebula enables interoperability and portability, recognizing that our users have data-centers composed of different hardware and software components for security, virtualization, storage, and networking. Its open, architecture, interfaces and components provide the flexibility and extensibility that many enterprise IT shops need for internal cloud adoption. You only have to chose the right design and configuration in your Cloud architecture depending on your existing IT architecture and the execution requirements of your service workload.

Ignacio M. Llorente


  1. Miha Ahronovitz

    Impressive and clear. It needs an ecosystem of consultants able to deliver the production cloud with this tool. It is an engine in need of a body and the wheels, or wings, to move ahead.

    For example, can adopt this technology? They installed clouds in 300 customers using other people technology, and CA snapped them for an undisclosed sum ten days ago.

    If 3 to 4 companies like 4Base adopt Open Nebula, “Bob’s your uncle”, as Australians say.

    • imllorente

      Yes, agreed, this is the ecosystem that is being built around C12G and the Enterprise Edition of OpenNebula.



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