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C12G Announces Free Evaluation – Low-cost Entry Programs

C12G Labs

Aug 30, 2010

C12G Labs has just announced new Support Services Programs to entry into private cloud computing for organizations that want, firstly, to evaluate the suitability and performance of OpenNebula Enterprise Edition in their environments and, secondly, to have a production-ready cloud up and running quickly and with a minimal upfront investment. More details at C12G’s Blog.

C12G is the primary private sponsor for the OpenNebula open-source Project, providing a variety of resources, including development, maintenance and infrastructure.

C12G Labs

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  1. Miha Ahronovitz

    Some interesting comments were posted on this blog regarding c12g and Open Nebula. There is a perception that Open Nebula has $17M investment, and therefore should be included in the list of over $10M for all cloud companies in the world. But Open Nebula has no venture funds, it seems that it has government funding for the open source project.

    c12g lab has a different financing. Can you comment here?


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