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OpenNebula as Platform for Interoperability and Innovation

Ignacio M. Llorente

Chief Executive Officer at OpenNebula Systems

Feb 24, 2012

Yesterday we presented at Cloudscape IV how a fully open cloud solution, like OpenNebula, is helping to unleash the innovation of cloud computing. OpenNebula is used by thousands of organizations to build their private cloud infrastructure. These companies, research centers  and public entities seek to cut costs, to improve their existing IT services, or to support new innovative service models. Moreover, OpenNebula is also an open cloud enabler that is helping many players in the ICT Industry to be cloud active. OpenNebula is enabling many hosting companies and telcos to offer cloud services, many technology companies to offer cloud products, and many service companies to offer cloud consulting and integration.

CloudScape IV was also an opportunity to announce the release of the last version of the new enhanced Hyper-V drivers, and to see the wide adoption of OpenNebula in the leading international projects working in cloud computing innovation and interoperability in the area of research infrastructures. Projects like VenusC, building a highly-scalable and flexible cloud infrastructure; BonFIRE, building a multi-site cloud facility for applications, services and systems research and experimentation; EGI, building a federated cloud in the European grid infrastructure; StratusLab, building a software distribution to enhance grid infrastructures with virtualization and cloud technologies; and Helix Nebula, building and european scientific cloud computing infrastructure, presented their use of OpenNebula, and how its standard APIs are helping them to offer interoperability and portability to their consumers.

Thanks for using OpenNebula and for contributing to our community!



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