May 31 – June 2, 2022 (Virtual Event)

OpenNebulaCon 2022

The Future of the Open Source Cloud

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The Orchestration Platform for the
Datacenter-Cloud-Edge Continuum

One Platform. Any Application. Any Cloud.

OpenNebula seamlessly converges on-premise, public cloud, and edge environments into a single platform to deliver simplicity and agility to your Enterprise Cloud and DevOps infrastructure.

For more than a decade, OpenNebula has formed a wide user community among leading companies in many different sectors, including banking, technology, telecom and hosting, and research. OpenNebula has become the point-of-reference for open source private, hybrid, and edge cloud solutions.

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The Community Event of OpenNebula 
Discussing real needs and use cases

OpenNebulaCon is a learning conference hosted by OpenNebula for the global cloud and edge infrastructure community.

Since 2013, the OpenNebula Conferences have served as a meeting point of cloud users, developers, administrators, integrators, and researchers, featuring talks with real experiences and use cases. They also include hands-on tutorials, workshops, and hacking sessions. Previous speakers include Telefonica,,, Santander Bank, CentOS, the European Space Agency, FermiLab, Red Hat, BlackBerry, Akamai, Runtastic, Citrix, Trivago… and many more!

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OpenNebulaCon Becomes Virtual 
Towards a safer, more inclusive event

OpenNebulaCon 2022 will be the first virtual OpenNebula Conference. We have taken this decision not only because of the current situation with the Coronavirus pandemic, but also because we think this format helps to make technology events more inclusive, making it easier for people from all over the world to participate in equal terms.

As we confirmed in September 2021 when we announced that OpenNebula Systems was becoming a fully distributed company, we believe meeting in person is crucial for our community, so we will keep organizing physical and hybrid events in the future, don’t worry! 🤓

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Session Tracks
Expert-led sessions on use cases and technical deep dives

OpenNebulaCon is a learning conference that includes sessions to educate attendees using real case studies, best practices, lessons learned, demos, and technical tips.

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Hybrid, Edge & Multi-Cloud

Get best practices and know-how to define your cloud strategy to accelerate cloud migration, improve business continuity, and unify automation and management across private, edge, and public cloud environments.

sessiontracks cards kubernetes

Virtual Machines, Kubernetes and Containers

Get actionable tips and best practices for use cases based on traditional virtual machines or modern cloud native apps based on application containers, Kubernetes, and more.

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Open Source Private Cloud 

Learn how to choose the best combination of certified open source hypervisors, storage and networking technologies to meet the needs of your workloads.

sessiontracks cards vmware

VMware Private Cloud

Get best practices to build your private cloud using existing VMware infrastructure.

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Cloud and Edge Innovation

Learn about the innovation being developed to simplify large-scale cloud operation, minimize energy consumption… based on Artificial Intelligence, and more.

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Large-scale Initiatives in Cloud and Edge

Latest updates about large-scale projects, like GAIA-X, where open source software and OpenNebula are playing a key role.

Some of the Speakers

Here you have a random selection of some of the 40 amazing speakers from 25 different organizations that will contribute to the OpenNebulaCon 2022 with their expertise, use cases, technical skills, and vision about cloud & edge computing!

Kudos to each and every one of them! 👏

Alberto Marti

Jack Aboutboul

Community Manager & Board Member at AlmaLinux

Alberto Marti

Stéphane Graber

LXC Project Leader at Canonical

Alberto Marti

Lodewijk De Schuyter

Middleware Architect at dOMG – Government of Flanders

Alberto Marti

Daniel Dehennin

EOLE Developer at Ministère de l’Education Nationale

Alberto Marti

Miguel A. González

Business Development Director (Phygital Division) at Minsait – Indra

Alberto Marti

Klaus Ottradovetz

VP of Global Service Delivery at Atos

Alberto Marti

Marco Aroldi

Infrastructure Engineer at Growens

Alberto Marti

François Rousselet

IaaS Technical Lead at Iguane Solutions

Alberto Marti

Yusuf Yildiz

Solutions Architect at LINBIT

Alberto Marti

Daniel Black

Chief Innovation Officer at MariaDB Foundation

Alberto Marti

Juan C. García

SVP of Technology Innovation and Ecosystems at Telefónica

Alberto Marti

Michael Hanke

Managing Partner at Detecon International – Deutsche Telekom

Alberto Marti

Michael Maasdam

Program Lead (Secure Data Exchange) at KPN

Alberto Marti

Carlos Carranza

Senior Technical Sales Manager at Vantage Towers

Alberto Marti

Jean-Philippe Defrance

VP of Edge Strategy & GTM Operations at Capgemini

Alberto Marti

Kenny Van Alstyne

Chief Technical Officer at SoftIron

Alberto Marti

Anton Todorov

Senior Development Engineer at StorPool

Alberto Marti

Andrew Gracey

Product Manager for Developer Experience at SUSE

Alberto Marti

David Artuñedo

CEO of OnLife Networks at Telefónica R&D

Alberto Marti

Álvaro Simón

HPC System Administrator at Ghent University

Watch On-Demand

Use the agenda below to watch all the recordings from this 9th edition of the OpenNebulaCon, or visit the event platform to access the full contents of the event, including each session’s live discussion, the Q&A exchange, additional documentation, and virtual booths ↗️


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