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OpenVZ Drivers for OpenNebula

The one-ovz-driver project bridges the gap between OpenVZ and OpenNebula by enabling the management of an OpenVZ containers.

OpenVZ is one of the providers of the container-based virtualization for Linux. Lightweight virtualization uses different approach than other hypervisors such as Xen or VMware, offering better solution in some scenarios. More information can be found on the OpenVZ project page:

OpenVZ drivers for OpenNebula consists of two main parts:

  1. Virtualization Manager Driver
    • deploy (including contextualization, deployment file’s <RAW> nodes passed to vzctl during container creation)
    • cancel, reboot, shutdown
    • livemigration
    • poll
    • restore & save
  2. Information Manager Driver
    • beside basic probes there are OpenVZ specific ones such as: CURRENT_CPU_UTIL, NODE_CPU_POWER or MEMORY_ALLOC

Technically, drivers are entirely written in ruby, built atop a ruby-openvz gem:

The project is hosted on github: and licensed under Apache License 2.0.

Further details related to driver’s installation and configuration can be found on project wiki pages.

Dariusz Chrząścik, Marta Ryłko, Radosław Morytko, Marcin Jarząb from AGH University of Science and Technology

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Dariusz Chrząścik

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