OpenNebula 6.2 ‘Red Square’ is Here!

Orchestration for the Cloud-Edge Continuum

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OpenNebula 6.2 ‘Red Square’ is the second stable release of the OpenNebula 6 Series, building upon the innovative and robust framework it provides for enterprise edge and multi-cloud environments. With the new version, OpenNebula Red Square 6.2, OpenNebula is bounding forward even further in expanding the arsenal of tools that permit organizations to build and manage their enterprise, hybrid, and edge cloud solutionsregardless of the workload, the type of resources, or even the provider.

The new OpenNebula 6.2 combines the agility, scalability and simplicity of the public cloud, with the greater levels of flexibility, performance and security of the private cloud, and leverages a geo-distributed offering of cloud and edge locations. It provides a single control panel with centralized operations and management that abstracts cloud functionality and ensures portability across providers.

 Your journey to the Edge starts here!

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Bring your Enterprise Cloud to the Edge

Expand service availability, and meet ultra-low-latency and data location requirements

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Simplify True Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Adoption

Avoid vendor lock-in, reduce costs, and add extra security and isolation

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Orchestrate Multi-Cluster Container Environments

Deploy and manage multiple Kubernetes clusters across cloud and edge locations

Welcome to OpenNebula

Provider Catalog

Expand your OpenNebula multi-cloud with infrastructure resources from public cloud and edge providers


Try OpenNebula 6.2 ‘Red Square’

Deploy a fully-functional OpenNebula cloud for product evaluation in just a few minutes!


Deploy a front-end on VMware or KVM


Automatically deploy an OpenNebula edge cluster on AWS


Learn the basics of cloud operations


Execute and manage containers, VMs and Kubernetes clusters

Series 6 – Main New Features


Edge Cloud Architecture

Run any workload, VMs and containers, on any resource, bare-metal or virtualized, anywhere, on-premises or on a public cloud provider.


Clusters as a Service

Deploy edge clusters as a service in just a few minutes using resources from Vultr, AWS, Equinix Metal, Google Cloud or Digital Ocean.


Enhanced Docker and Kubernetes Support

New support for Dockerfiles and a revamped marketplace to deploy CNCF-certified Kubernetes clusters in 1-click.


New GUI Preview

 Discover the beta version of the new Sunstone, OpenNebula’s Graphical User Interface


Revamped OneFlow

New features for managing dynamic multi-tier services based on VMs and application containers.



Periodically save the data of your VMs in a remote storage location set up as a private marketplace.

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