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OpenNebula Hotfix Release v.5.10.3 is Available!

Michael Abdou

Customer Success Manager at OpenNebula Systems

Mar 10, 2020

A hotfix release is a type of incremental release that fixes specific issues. While OpenNebula is fully open source, packages from hotfix incremental versions are not publicly released, and are only available for users with an active support subscription. However, rest assured that the code is publicly available in the GitHub repository, as are the templates to create packages for the different supported platforms.

The following new features has been backported to 5.10.3:

  • Increase number of wild VMs shown per page in Sunstone.
  • Add datastore for live migration in Sunstone.
  • Make some improvements in onehook CLI.
  • Support hot disk resize in vCenter.
  • Fix wrong usage data monitoring for CEPH.
  • Add button to enable or disable an input in Sunstone.
  • Add non interactive CLI user inputs.

The following issues have been solved in 5.10.3:

  • Fix NIC aliases when update VM template in Sunstone.
  • Fix VM scheduler requirements.
  • Fix clusters on Virtual Networks Templates in Sunstone.
  • Fix edit group dialog in Sunstone.
  • Fix NIC when update VM template in Sunstone.
  • Fix VNC window in Sunstone.
  • Fix errors on detaching VM disks.
  • Fix database encoding overwritten by onedb upgrade.
  • Added missing package dependency on libcurl on Debian/Ubuntu.
  • Obsoleted add-on packages.
  • Library include errors in econe tools and oneprovision.
  • Missing gems in install_gems groups.
  • Fix NIC parameters when update oneflow template.
  • Removed obstructing oneimage path validation.
  • Fix for metadata corruption when snapshotting an imported running VM in vCenter.
  • Fix the visibility of the RDP button in Sunstone.
  • Fix Address Ranges for Virtual Network templates in Sunstone.
  • Fix form behavior on oneflow templates in Sunstone.
  • Fix attach nic alias when using network mode auto.
  • Fix LXD CPU and RAM monitoring always being 0.
  • Fix retrieve input function in Sunstone.
  • Fix live migration in Sunstone.
  • Fix wrong rror handling in CLI.
  • Fix vCenter context data not refreshed NIC (alias) detach.

Everyone can create their own packages or build OpenNebula from the source code, but only OpenNebula Systems customers have the convenience of pre-created packages for hotfix incremental releases. If you are an OpenNebula Systems customer with an active support subscription, you have immediate access to this hotfix packages. Please check your private repository at

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