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OpenNebula Hotfix Release v.5.10.4 is Available!

Michael Abdou

Customer Success Manager at OpenNebula Systems

Apr 7, 2020

A hotfix release is a type of incremental release that fixes specific issues. While OpenNebula is fully open source, packages from hotfix incremental versions are not publicly released, and are only available for users with an active support subscription. However, rest assured that the code is publicly available in the GitHub repository, as are the templates to create packages for the different supported platforms.

The following new features has been backported to 5.10.4:

  • Pyone, the Python API binding for OpenNebula, is now thread-safe.
  • Support for volatile disks on LXD.
  • Improve CLI filter operators handling.

The following issues have been solved in 5.10.4:

  • Fix default encoding when table encoding is not detected.
  • Fix Graphics when update VM template in Sunstone.
  • Fix Scheduling when update VM template in Sunstone.
  • Fix error messages when using onedb update-body.
  • Fix error in fsck when vnet lease has no ID.
  • Fix VMs & Images datatables in Sunstone.
  • Fix labels when service updating in Sunstone.
  • Fix ACLs check permissions when creating a template.
  • Fix create group with no permissions.
  • Fix NIC aliases are not working with NETWORK_SELECT = “NO”.
  • Fix uid and gid of new VMs when scaling a service.
  • Fix scheduler action are not working with END_TYPE = 0.
  • Fix address range dialog when instantiate a VNet.
  • Fix display Roles in Service.
  • Fix installing augeas gem in Debians.
  • Fix required IPv4 when IPAM driver is selected.
  • Do not allow user to increase his privileages to manage VMs.
  • Do not allow wrong string in VM_*_OPERATIONS attribute.
  • Fix problem with unmanage nics at deploy time.
  • Add VCENTER_TEMPLATE_NAME attribute in vCenter templates.
  • Fix vCenter information attributes to show correct icons if they can be modified or deleted.
  • Fix vCenter templates adding VCENTER_TEMPLATE_NAME attribute.
  • Fix MariaDB/MySQL version detection.
  • Fix template context variables on instantiation.

Everyone can create their own packages or build OpenNebula from the source code, but only OpenNebula Systems customers have the convenience of pre-created packages for hotfix incremental releases. If you are an OpenNebula Systems customer with an active support subscription, you have immediate access to this hotfix packages. Please check your private repository at

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