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Hotfix Release v.5.10.5 is Available!

Michael Abdou

Customer Success Manager at OpenNebula Systems

May 6, 2020

A Hotfix release is a type of incremental release that fixes specific issues. While OpenNebula is fully open source, packages from Hotfix incremental versions are not publicly released, and are only available for users with an active OpenNebula Subscription. However, rest assured that the code is publicly available in the GitHub repository.

The following issues have been solved in 5.10.5:

  • Fix arping path in sudoers on Debian and Ubuntu.
  • Remove done services in Sunstone.
  • Fix onedb fsck wrong check for IP6.
  • Allow multiple hooks for same trigger event.
  • Fix widget displaying running vms on Sunstone dashboard.
  • Fix Logrotate configurations to not change global settings.
  • Fix spice random password is too long.
  • Fix LogDB purge process for Federation.

Everyone can build OpenNebula from the source code, but only OpenNebula Systems customers have access to pre-built packages for Hotfix incremental releases. If you are a customer with an active OpenNebula subscription, you have immediate access to this Hotfix packages. Please check your private repository at the OpenNebula Customer Portal.

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