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New Terraform Provider v1.4.0 for OpenNebula

François Rousselet

IaaS Technical Lead @ Iguane Solutions

Jan 22, 2024

🖊️ This blog post has been co-authored by François Rousselet, CISO at Iguane Solutions.

What’s new in this version of the Terraform Provider for OpenNebula?

The latest Terraform Provider v1.4.0 is the third stable version of the provider and introduces several new features. It adds support for the OpenNebula marketplace and marketplace apps, allowing you to manage and create OpenNebula marketplaces effectively. Additionally, this version offers functionalities to handle VMs & Templates efficiently. Find all the release notes here much more 🤓 

Efforts have been made on the tests and bug fixes to enhance the stability of this release.

OpenNebula Terraform v1.4.0 provider

Kudos to all the people that made this new release possible! 👏

OpenNebula Systems team:

Iguane Solutions team:

External Contributors:


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