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New Terraform Provider v1.0.0 for OpenNebula

François Rousselet

IaaS Technical Lead @ Iguane Solutions

Sep 20, 2022

🖊️ This blog post has been co-authored by Pierre Lafièvre, Software Engineer at Iguane Solutions.

What’s new in this version of the Terraform Provider for OpenNebula?

The Terraform Provider v1.0.0 is the second stable version of the provider. This release is packed with various new features, such as adding support to default tags, adding new resources to OpenNebula’s virtual network address range, and much more 🤓 

Efforts have been made on the tests and bug fixes to enhance the stability of this release.

Terraform Provider v1.0.0 OpenNebula

Kudos to all the people that made this new release possible! 👏

Iguane Solutions team:

External Contributors:


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