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vOneCloud 2.0 Released! Turn your VMware into a Cloud

Tino Vazquez

Chief Operating Officer at OpenNebula Systems

Jun 30, 2016

We want to let you know that OpenNebula Systems has just announced the availability of vOneCloud version 2.0.

This new release of the appliance, based on a tailored version of OpenNebula 5.0 Wizard to ease the provisioning of resources from vSphere based infrastructures, comes packed with exciting new features. Coming from functionality present in 5.0 we found:

  • Datastore and VMDK image management, as well as import.
  • New Virtual Router Resource, to allow routing between isolated virtual networks.
  • More flexible vCenter VM naming, with a configurable prefix.
  • New resource pool mode, with the ability to select in which resource pool a particular VM is confined.
  • New OneFlow templates operations, like the ability to clone existing service templates.
  • Keep disks on done, to avoid deleting disks when the VM is terminated.
  • Instantiate to persistent, to easily create a rich VM Template catalog.
  • Dynamic VM reconfiguration, that can be performed while the VM is running or powered off.
  • Share resources between logical clusters, like Virtual Networks and Datastores.

The above features and components add to the already present ability to expose a multi-tenant cloud-like provisioning layer through the use of virtual data centers and self-service portal. vOneCloud seamlessly integrates with running vCenter virtualised infrastructures, leveraging advanced features such as vMotion, HA or DRS scheduling provided by the VMware vSphere product family. If you are building a large-scale cloud, are interested in the federation of multiple cloud instances, hybrid deployments, or want to integrate with third party components, customize the product or manage open source hypervisors, we recommend an installation of OpenNebula.

vOneCloud is zero intrusive (although it fully manages the life cycle of VMs), try it out without the need to commit to it. If you don’t like it (as strange at that may be!) you can just remove the appliance.

OpenNebula Systems will run a booth at VMworld 2016 US in Las Vegas on August 28-31 and VMworld 2016 EU in Barcelona on October 17-20 where they will demo the new version.

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