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vOneCloud 3.4.1 Released!

Michael Abdou

Customer Success Manager at OpenNebula Systems

Jul 26, 2019

We want to let you know that we have just announced the availability of vOneCloud version 3.4.1.

vOneCloud v.3.4.1. is based on OpenNebula 5.8.4, and as such, it includes all the bug fixes and functionalities introduced in 5.8.4: OpenNebula 5.8.4 Release Notes.

vOneCloud 3.4.1 is a maintenance release with the following minor improvements:

  • Add timepicker in relative scheduled actions.
  • Check vCenter cluster health in monitoring.
  • Added sunstone banner official support.
  • New quotas for VMS allow to configure limits for VMs “running”.
  • The Virtual Machines that are associated to a Virtual Router have all actions allowed except nic-attach/dettach.
  • Implement retry on vCenter driver actions.
  • Allow FILES in vCenter context.
  • noVNC updated to v1.0.
  • Centralized credentials for vCenter resources.
  • Enhance vCenter driver actions pool calls.
  • Read driver action on attach_disk using STDIN for vcenter drivers.
  • Manage IPs when a VM is imported from vCenter.
  • Show if vCenter cluster have activated DRS and/or HA.

Also 3.4.1 features the following bugfixes:

  • Fix bug in vcenter_downloader failing to download vcenter images.
  • Fix an issue so hourly sched action executes just one time.
  • Fix missing wait_for_completion in some vCenter async tasks
  • Fix and issue which broke the new endlines from templates.
  • Fix issue that does not show the datastores table when a new VM template is downloaded.
  • Fix misleading non persistent message in instantiate message
  • Fix an issue when importing vCenter hosts and an OpenNebula cluster with the same name exists.
  • Fix wild VM import process to not default to host 0.
  • Fix missing DEPLOY_ID when import Wilds VM.
  • Reduce the amount of database disk space generated by VM search indexes.
  • Fix VM can’t boot due to invalid cdrom config.
  • Fix Updating vCenter VM disk image in Sunstone does not remove OPENNEBULA_MANAGED attribute.
  • Fix snap on vCenter to remove not affected disks.
  • Fix list of virtual routers shown in virtual networks to follow user access permissions.
  • Fix issue add persistent image via sunstone.
  • Fix shutdown doesn’t check VM status in vcenter.
  • Add IP6_LINK and IP6_GLOBAL attributes to VM short body.
  • Fix lock VM highlight in Sunstone.
  • Fix container status inconsistency during boot.
  • Fix an issue that prevents admin to change other permissions when ENABLE_OTHER_PERMISSIONS=NO.
  • Put right drivers when importing market app to vCenter DS.
  • Improve error messages on vcenter deploy..
  • Fix error when try delete image in vCenter using NFS.
  • Added basic support to NSX opaque networks..
  • Clean onevcenter tool error messages.
  • Fix create a VM group without roles in Sunstone.
  • Fix disappear rm_ar_button.

vOneCloud 3.4.1 has been certified with support for vSphere 6.0, 6.5 and 6.7.

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