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Terraform Provider for OpenNebula in the Add-on Catalog

Jean-Philippe Foures

VP Products & DPO @ Iguane Solutions

Jul 25, 2019

Iguane Solutions has made an exciting, new contribution to the OpenNebula Add-on Catalog with a Terraform Provider for OpenNebula

Terraform is a tool for building, changing, and versioning infrastructure safely and efficiently, as it can manage existing and popular service providers as well as custom in-house solutions.

This OpenNebula provider will help people who need to deploy a platform composed of several VMs with their respective disks, connected via several networks. With a simple text file, the DevOps engineer describes its platform using the HCL syntax (HCL is a kind of JSON format developed by Hashicorp) and then it executes Terraform to deploy it.

In a Terraform file you must declare:

  • How to connect to the target OpenNebula Endpoint in the provider configuration
  • A variable set you need to use
  • All resources you want to create and deploy 
  • Output information you are interested to get at the end of the deployment.

This project has been inspired by previous OpenNebula contributions from Runtastic and BlackBerry. And we, at Iguane Solutions, are looking to contribute and manage the Add-on as an official provider, to ensure that it offers the community with a robust and effective set of functionalities. We invite members from the User Community to contribute to its evolution, so that we can keep it growing to meet the needs of the community, and avoid creating multiple variations of the same. 


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