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Our New OpenNebula “Case Studies” Initiative

Michael Abdou

Customer Success Manager at OpenNebula Systems

Nov 24, 2020

OpenNebula has held a long-standing position in the world of open source software, leading the cloud technology market with flexibility and simplicity, and proving that one does not need expensive products and complex, multi-tiered software in order to create an enterprise cloud solution that brings extraordinary value to one’s organization. With its simple and streamlined delivery of cloud capabilities, opening the door to be able to run any workload, on any resource, anywhere, OpenNebula creates a platform that suits just about any organization looking to create robust, yet effortless enterprise clouds.

Over the years, we have collected several demonstrations of users getting the best out of OpenNebula for their organizations in their respective industries through our published User Stories. However, we have recently fired up an initiative to publish a collection of testimonials by users and customers, sharing their specific requirements and ensuing experiences using OpenNebula. Take some time to review these Case Studies, and get a feel for how OpenNebula is meeting the needs of organizations across the globe.

We’d like to give special thanks to our initial contributors: Qt, Perspecta, Dustin, and The Department of Environment and Spatial Planning (dOMG). If you are interested in sharing your specific experiences with OpenNebula, please reach out and contact us directly.



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