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New Certified Kubernetes Appliance for KVM

Alberto P. Martí

VP of Open Source Innovation at OpenNebula Systems

Nov 30, 2020

📘 Check the step-by-step tutorial on how to easily set up or extend an OpenNebula environment with Kubernetes clusters on the Edge, by visiting the OpenNebula Customer Portal Knowledge Base.

A couple of weeks ago we announced that OpenNebula had joined the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) as a Silver Member. Now we are delighted to confirm that our Kubernetes Virtual Appliance for KVM has passed all the tests to be included into the CNCF Landscape as a Certified Kubernetes installer!

Our virtual appliance gives you a “press-of-a-button”, a simple tool for creating and deploying a functional container orchestration platform based on Kubernetes. Our appliance supports multiple contextualization parameters to bend to your needs and to your configuration requirements. This works in very much the same spirit as all the other ready-to-use virtual appliances for OpenNebula clouds available at our Public Marketplace.

certified kubernetes 1.18 pantone

As part of the Certified Kubernetes Conformance Program, vendors are invited to submit conformance testing results for review and certification by the CNCF, which formally certifies conformant implementations. Most of the world’s leading enterprise software vendors and cloud computing providers have Certified Kubernetes offerings. This program gives end users the confidence that when they use a Certified Kubernetes product they can rely on a high level of common functionality. It gives Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) confidence that if their customer is using a Certified Kubernetes platform their software will behave as expected.

Want to give it a try? Have a look at the following video and check out the Service Kubernetes documentation. And don’t forget to visit our section on Mastering Containers with OpenNebula! 🤓


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