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Smooth VM Migration from VMware to OpenNebula with OneSwap

Neal Hansen

Senior Cloud Solutions Architect at OpenNebula

May 7, 2024

OneSwap is a new user-friendly command-line tool designed to simplify and automate the process of migrating your virtual machines from vCenter Server to OpenNebula Cloud. It can connect to your vCenter Server and allow you to list the Data Centers, Clusters, and Virtual Machines available. After enabling OneSwap, you can simply select the virtual machine by name and the tool will automatically attempt to convert it. OneSwap streamlines the process further by creating all the necessary resources within OpenNebula, including images, network addresses, and the VM template itself.

Easy automated migration from VMWare

OneSwap was designed with users in mind. The tool simplifies the migration of your virtual workloads to the OpenNebula-orchestrated cloud system by significantly reducing manual processes, especially for virtual machines that typically require a lot of effort to migrate.

During the conversion process, the major actions will be printed to the console to monitor the progress. Additionally, there’s a custom conversion process utilizing virt-customize and qemu-img. While relatively simple, this is still quite effective in transferring virtual machines which initially fail during the virt-v2v process for any reason. Some guest operating systems are not fully supported by virt-v2v, or some internal changes may cause virt-v2v to fail when inspecting or converting the guest OS.

There’s also a fallback option that will automatically retry the conversion using the custom method if the virt-v2v method fails.  In addition, hybrid mode will download the disk as the custom mode would, and then use virt-v2v locally to convert the disk. Hybrid mode will automatically revert to custom conversion if the local virt-v2v fails.


Community-driven development

OneSwap builds on the strengths of established open-source projects like virt-v2v, libguestfs, and rbvmomi2. This not only provides a solid foundation for OneSwap but also contributes to its overall quality.

We’re eager to hear feedback from the community to help us improve this project. Feel free to post questions or suggestions in the Community Forum, as well as any bugs or issues directly to us in the OneSwap public repository

Discover OneSwap with our free webinar

As part of our commitment to supporting users in their migration journey, we’re hosting a webinar with a live demo of migration from a VMware deployment. 

Don’t miss the opportunity to see the tool in action on May 22.
Register for free: Simplify VM Migration to OpenNebula.

Want to know more? Read the white paper

For more specifics, download our free white paper. It provides a step-by-step guide with the resources for a successful migration.

The need for dependable infrastructure alternatives is growing for many companies and organizations in today’s evolving tech environment.

Migrating from VMware to OpenNebula White Paper

If you’re ready to explore how OpenNebula can streamline your infrastructure management,
learn more about us, check out the OneSwap wiki, or dive into the OneSwap repo.


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